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At P W Optics we know our patients are looking for quality and style when it comes to their spectacle frames. This is why we work hard to make sure we offer a wide variety of ranges to suit all styles and budgets.

Our qualified Dispensing Optician will provide professional advice to find the best frame to suit your face shape and your style.

Quality Spectacles

Our frames start from just £40 complete with standard single vision lenses.

Spectacle Lenses

We always supply excellent quality lenses. Our Dispensing Optician will talk through your spectacle prescription, your work and lifestyle. From this they will explain the best lens choices, materials and coatings to suit both your needs and your budget.  

Antiglare Coating £35.00

Eliminates reflections on the front and back surface of the lens, improving vision, reducing eye strain and makes your spectacles more cosmetically aesthetic. Without reflections , more light passes through your lenses to optimise visual acuity with fewer distractions, especially at night.

Honeycomb Lenses £50.00

Honeycomb lenses are NO ordinary lenses! Using nature’s technology of honeycomb design, the pinhole technology ensures more light is distributed towards the retina from all areas of the lens, improving clarity of vision and reducing eye fatigue. The honeycomb mesh is paired with a Hydro antiglare, this offers the same benefits of the antiglare coating, but the completely smooth, flawless top surface does not collect dirt or dust particles keeping them cleaner longer. It is also oleophobic and super-hydrophobic. The coating also provides enhanced UV protection up to 380nm.

Transitions £45.00

Lenses darken when exposed to UV light outdoors. Due to the filters on car windscreens they will not change when worn in a car. They are available in Grey or Brown.

Xtractive Transitions £65.00

Activated by visible light as well as UV light Uniquely designed to protect your eyes from the brightest sun outdoors and harsh artificial light indoors. Transitions XTRActive are extra dark outdoors protecting your eyes from the brightest sun, even in the hottest conditions. These lenses darken behind the windshield to protect drivers' eyes from sunlight.

1.6 Thin Lens £40.00

First level thin lens, the Hi Index plastic allows the lens to be produced in a way that flattens, thins and reduces the weight of lenses. Suitable for prescriptions over +2.50 or -2.50 and include an Antiglare coating as standard.

1.67 Thin Lens £60.00

Second level thin lens, the increased density of the plastic allows the lenses to produced even thinner and lighter than before. Suitable for prescriptions over +3.50 or -3.50 and include an Antiglare coating as standard.

1.74 Thin Lens £85.00

Third level thin lens and the thinnest plastic material available. Suitable for prescriptions over +5.00 or -5.00 and include an Antiglare coating as standard.

Tint and UV £20.00

Standard sunglass tint available in different depths to suit your needs. These block out a percentage of all light to reduce glare in bright conditions. Blocks 100% UV light up to 400nm. Available in Brown, Grey or Green.

Polarised Lenses £65.00

Eliminates more than 99% of horizontal glare and blocks UVA and UVB light. The advanced filter improves the clarity of vision in bright conditions. Available in a wide range of lenses, optical materials, colours.

Bifocal £35.00

Two prescriptions in one lens. Usually worn with distance prescription in the top and reading in the segment, but they can be used for office work too. Available in three different segment shapes: D seg, C seg and round.

Large Bifocal £45.00

Similar to a standard bifocal but with a wider segment size. Available in the same segment shapes.

Silver Varifocal £55.00

Introductory varifocal, offers all the benefits of freeform technology in an entry-level progressive lens. Blends all aspects of your prescription together for a smooth transition from distance prescription in the top of the lens through to the reading in the bottom.

Gold Varifocal £75.00

Higher quality of varifocal offers wider fields of vision from a soft freeform design. Ultra sharp vision with no effort, natural vision with easy adaptation and comfortable transition between visual zones.

Platinum Varifocal £105.00

Highest grade of varifocal with widest fields of vision thanks to ingeniously defined yet fully versatile freeform

design. It has been designed with the intent of delivering balanced visual performance with sharp vision in every direction.