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Drivesense Lenses – day and night driving lenses

Drivesense Lenses for night driving

When it comes to driving, and night driving in particular, a lot of people find that they struggle. In fact, 43% of drivers feel insecure driving at night due to a loss of visual acuity.

This is a problem that regularly comes up in conversation with my clients, and is something that I have issues with too.

There are more cars than ever on the roads, with brighter and brighter headlights. Now that cars are getting larger too the beams from headlights are more often to shine directly into our eyes, no wonder so many of us struggle!

Why is my vision worse when night driving?

Our pupils naturally get larger (dilate) in low light conditions to allow as much light as possible into the eye. The problem is this reduces our ability to quickly focus at different distances, leading to feeling ‘blinded’ by headlights or street lights.

This drop in visual acuity in low light conditions is known as night myopia and affects one in three drivers.
The average change is -0.27 Dioptres, which is about 13-20% loss of visual acuity.

It’s not just night driving that is a problem

Your vision can become reduced in any low light conditions: Over cast rainy days, foggy conditions as well as around dusk or dawn.

I’ve already got an antiglare coating, shouldn’t that be enough?

Whilst an antiglare coating will reduce reflections on your lenses it won’t correct the night myopia.

We have the solution!

Drivesense lenses are specifically designed to combat poor vision with a night myopia visual zone. This compensates for the effects of night myopia by introducing a -0.25 Dioptre boost, improving your night vision.

This boost also helps prevent eyestrain and reduces fatigue when driving at night.

These lenses are tailor-made to suit you and paired with our Honeycomb coating to give the best possible vision.

You can get in touch with me here to find out more!