Eye Examinations

An Eye Examination not only identifies your need for spectacles but is a vital health check for your eyes so it is important to keep this check up to date. Early signs of eye conditions can be picked up during the check before you’re aware of any symptoms. Many of the conditions can be treated if found early enough.

Our fully comprehensive Eye Examinations take 30-40 minutes. During this the Optician will ask you questions about your general health and family history of eye health problems. They will also ask about your lifestyle, hobbies and occupation to create your personal vision profile. Our Examinations will also include complimentary Digital Retinal Photography using our Fundus camera. These photos enable us to take a more detailed look at the health of your eye. These will be kept with your records, allowing the Optician to compare the images from previous examinations. This is important especially if you are being monitored for an eye condition.

Throughout the test the Optician will explain each step and the processes they take. The Optician will explain the current health of your eye and any changes that have occurred with your spectacle prescription.

Once the test has been completed the Optician will hand you over to our Qualified Dispensing Optician. Here they will discuss the best lens and suitable frame solutions to match both your vision profile and spectacle prescription generated in your test.

We offer comprehensive Eye Examinations to both Private and NHS patients. Our private patients will benefit from our affordable £20 test fee.