Do I have to Pay?

You will qualify for a free NHS Sight Test if any of the following are applicable:
– You are under 16 or under 19 and still in full time education
– You are 60 or over (You are only entitled to a free test every 2 years. Once you are 70 you are entitled to a free test every 1 year)
– You are registered blind or partially sighted
– You are a diagnosed diabetic or glaucoma sufferer
– You are 40 or over and have a family history of glaucoma
– You are prescribed complex lenses
– You or your partner receives income support
– You or your partner receives Job seekers allowance, universal credit, or pension credit guarantee
– You are named on a valid NHS certificate for help with health care costs (A HC2)
Just let us know when you book your appointment if you think you qualify for an NHS test.

If you don’t fit into one of the categories then you will be seen as Private Patient. There is a charge of £20 for Private tests.

Do I need my prescription to buy glasses?
Yes, we will need an up to date spectacle prescription in order to provide spectacles. As well as providing Eye Examinations we also accept prescriptions from other Opticians.

Can NHS Optical vouchers be used?
Yes we accept NHS Optical Vouchers.