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Honeycomb Lenses – Better Vision, Inspired by Nature

What exactly are Honeycomb lenses?

The Honeycomb lens contains a natural interlocking honeycomb pattern which is applied through a complex coating process. The lenses appears completely clear, with the mesh only being visible at certain angles or when misted.

Honeycomb Mesh

How does Honeycomb Lenses work?

The honeycomb mesh concentrates light entering the eye, stopping light from refracting around inside the lens, focusing a clearer, sharper image to the retina. The result is a reduction in glare and clearer, sharper vision. With the lenses focusing light rays so precisely the effects are particularly noticeable in artificial and low light conditions.

They also benefit from a hydro coating for optimum clarity, scratch resistance and easy clean properties, as well as providing 100% UV protection up to 400nm; these lenses really do cover all bases!

It’s not just about night driving

Many patients with Dyslexia have found the Honeycomb lens to be a fantastic alternative to colour tints to make reading comfortable.

Many dyslexic wearers have found that the light focused through the mesh not only produces images that are sharper but, more importantly, stops the image they are looking at from moving around or ‘flickering’.
The fixing of the image to a point allows people with dyslexia to read more effectively – and can prevent the ‘trigger’ for migraine sufferers.

Is it really that good?

In my opinion? Yes.
I wear Honeycomb lenses when driving at night and difference in the quality of vision has been outstanding.

Recently a patient came to us complaining of poor clarity of vision when night driving. After explaining the Honeycomb he opted to try them with his varifocals. After trying them for a week this is what they found:

“I must admit I purchased my first pair of Honeycomb Lenses with a degree of scepticism. I didn’t think the difference would be that noticeable between them and my usual antiglare. Once I’d collected them I swapped from one pair to another to do a direct comparison and difference was incredible.
I found that the new lenses reduced the glare from oncoming headlights more than my old glasses. The vision is much clearer and sharper with the Honeycomb which has improved my confidence when night driving. I have now purchased my second pair of Honeycomb lenses and won’t drive with anything else.”

You can get in touch with me here to find out more.