lens types



By blending the distance and near prescriptions together varifocals offer full visual freedom throughout day to day life. We offer a wide range of varifocals to suit all visual needs and budgets. Our Dispensing Optician will discuss your lifestyle and hobbies as well as your spectacle prescription, enabling them to recommend the best Varifocal lens for your needs.
Varifocals from £55



Although progressive lenses are often the lens type of choice now, they are not suitable for all. Bifocals provide a two in one lens solution, removing the need for separate pairs. The distinct reading area in the lower portion of the lens makes this an easier lens to adapt to.
Bifocals from £45



An ideal option for wearers working for extended periods of time at intermediate and near distances. Designed without the distance vision prescription these lenses provide wider fields of view for intermediate tasks such as computer work than a standard varifocal.
Occupationals from £125



An Anti-Glare lens coating is designed to improve both clarity of vision and the cosmetic appearance of the lenses themselves. Hardcoated lenses create surface reflections which can interrupt your vision, making it less clear than with an Anti-Glare lens. They are also distracting for people looking at you as they do not have a clear view of your eyes.
Antiglare from £35

Thinner Lenses


The higher index material allows lenses to be produced with a thinner, flatter and lighter weight finish than standard plastic lenses, making them the ideal option for higher prescriptions. They are available in three different levels and come with an antiglare coating as standard.
Thinner Lenses from £55

Blue Shield


Blue Shield coating has been designed specifically to filter the blue-light rays emitted from many frequently used electrical devices such as smart phones, tablets and PC monitors. Blue Shield lenses offer minimised reflection and glare with an enhanced scratch resistance to increase their lifespan. They are also very easy to clean due to the anti-static qualities.
Blue Shield from £60



Light intelligent lenses quickly adapt from clear indoors to dark when exposed to sunlight. Once back indoors, there is a quick fade back speed as the lenses return to clear. They also provide 100% UV protection (up to 400 nm) for your eyes.

XTRActive Transitions are uniquely designed to protect your eyes from the brightest sun outdoors and harsh artificial light indoors. Transitions XTRActive are extra dark outdoors protecting your eyes from the brightest sun, even in the hottest conditions. These lenses are activated not only by UV but by visible light, allowing them to darken behind the windshield to protect drivers’ eyes from sunlight.
Photochromic from £55



When light hits a reflective surface, such as water, snow, even cars and buildings, the light can become polarised, resulting in glare that can interfere with your vision. Only polarised lenses can remove this horizontal glare and provide better clarity in bright conditions.
Polaroid from £75

Mirror Sunglasses


Mirror Lenses reflect light away from the eye beyond the capability of a standard tinted lens, this makes them ideal for shielding the eyes from the brilliance of light, such as sunlight on snow or for people who are light-sensitive. Available in a variety of colours this coating can add an extra flare to your summer look.
Mirror Lenses from £60