Bifocal Glasses

At PW Optics, we understand the importance of clear vision at all distances. That's why we offer a wide range of bifocal glasses tailored to meet your unique visual needs. Whether you're experiencing difficulty reading small print or struggling with distance vision, bifocal glasses provide a convenient solution in a single pair of eyewear.

What Are Bifocal Glasses?

Bifocal glasses provide a convenient solution for individuals who require vision correction for both distance and near tasks. The upper portion of the lens corrects distance vision, while the lower portion contains an added near-vision segment for reading and other close-up activities. This design eliminates the hassle of constantly switching between different pairs of glasses throughout the day.

Types of Bifocal Lenses

There are several types of bifocal lenses available to suit different visual needs and preferences. Traditional bifocals feature a visible line separating the distance and near-vision segments. However, modern bifocal designs, such as progressive bifocals, offer a seamless transition between distance and near vision without a visible line.

Bifocals vs. Progressive Lenses

When considering varifocal or bifocal options, it's important to understand the differences between the two. While bifocal lenses offer two distinct optical powers, progressive lenses provide a smooth transition between multiple optical powers for distance, intermediate, and near vision. While progressive lenses offer a seamless transition, some individuals may prefer the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of traditional bifocal glasses. The choice between varifocals or bifocals depends on individual preferences and visual requirements.

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Bifocal Glasses: Practical and Versatile

Bifocal spectacles serve a crucial purpose for individuals with presbyopia or other vision conditions that require correction for both distance and near tasks. Whether reading a book, working on a computer, or driving, bifocal glasses provide the visual clarity needed to carry out daily activities with ease.

Bifocal Sunglasses

For individuals who require vision correction outdoors, bifocal sunglasses offer a practical solution. These sunglasses feature bifocal lenses with added sun protection, allowing wearers to enjoy clear vision in bright sunlight while still addressing near-vision needs.

How to Get Bifocals

Getting your bifocals at PW Optics is simple and convenient:

  1. Schedule Your Eye Exam: Call our Stourbridge office to book a comprehensive eye examination. During the exam, our experienced optometrists will assess your vision and discuss your visual needs.
  2. Consultation and Measurements: We'll take the time to understand your lifestyle and visual requirements. Using precise measurements and advanced technology, we will create individual varifocal lenses that are tailored specifically to you.
  3. Select Your Frames: Browse our extensive collection of stylish and high-quality frames. Choose a pair that matches your personal style and complements your new bifocals perfectly.
  4. Enjoy Clear Vision: Once your bifocals lenses are crafted, you can pick up your glasses and enjoy the freedom of clear, seamless vision at all distances.
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Ready to experience the convenience and functionality of bifocal glasses? Book your appointment at PW Optics today! Our experienced opticians will work closely with you to determine the best bifocal lens options for your needs. From traditional bifocals to modern progressive bifocals, we have a wide selection of eyewear solutions to suit your preferences.

Don't let vision challenges hold you back. Discover the clarity and comfort of bifocal glasses at PW Optics. Schedule your appointment now and take the first step towards a clearer vision!