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Occupational Lenses – The Hidden Gem of Multifocal Lenses

I often find that occupational lenses are overlooked when looking at multifocal lens options, but they may actually be your perfect lens choice – here’s why!

What are occupational lenses?

An occupational lens is similar to a traditional varifocal lens in that it has a smooth transition from one prescription to another without any physical lines on the lens surface.

BUT! They differ in one key point….

How do occupational lenses differ?

Occupational lenses are designed with the intermediate vision as the main focal zone, rather than the distance. This means the lens design ‘balloons’ out in the intermediate zone to give the widest field of view possible in this zone, while still incorporating the reading area too.

Occupational Lenses

Can’t I wear Varifocals for everything?

On the whole, yes.

However there are some situations when a varifocal may not be the best solution. Traditional varifocals are hour glass in shape, providing wide fields of view for distance and reading but narrowing for the intermediate vision. When you work across multiple screens you will have turn your head side to side a lot more to focus. Or when your screen is set at eye level you will be tipping your head back to focus clearly.

Varifocal Lenses

Can’t I wear them all the time?

An occupational lens design is focused on intermediate and near vision. This means there is a compromise when it comes to the distance vision. Occupational lenses provide distance vision up to 4m away, making them versatile and perfect in an office environment. The restricted distance vision means occupational lenses aren’t suitable for full time wear, you cannot drive in them.

My work station set up is unique, will that be a problem?

Absolutely not! During the test the Optician will discuss your working distances and prescribe a suitable addition to accommodate this. Once the test has been finished you will chat with the Dispensing Optician who will discuss your physical desk set up, taking note of your screen heights, widths even your desk shape and your daily tasks to fit the occupational lenses according to your needs.

I want to give them a go! What is the next step?

The first step would be an eye test. You can either have a test with us or bring a copy of your prescription if you’ve recently been tested. Don’t forget, the occupational lenses are covered under our varifocal guarantee!

Varifocal Guarantee

We always offer no obligation dispensing consultations too for those wanting to chat in a bit more detail. 

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