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Polaroid VS Tinted Sunglasses – what’s the difference?

With the summer comes the sunglasses, and there are so many wonderful styles to choose from! But it’s important to make sure we have the best sunglass lenses for our vision too. But what options are there? And is there really that much different between them?

Why do we need sunglasses?

Sunglasses provide two main benefits:

  • full UV protection up to 400nm
  • reduction of glare in bright conditions

Do you find yourself squinting on bright days? That’s because of glare. Light enters the eye vertically and horizontally, but it is the horizontal rays that cause glare.

So what sunglass options are there?

There are two different sunglass options available: and standard tint or a polarised lens. Both will reduce glare on bright days but with differing results.

What is a standard sunglass tint?

A standard tint is the most common type of tint seen, particularly in fashion sunglasses. They’re produced by dip dyeing clear lenses in a hot tint bath to the depth required. These tints work by blocking a percentage of all light, both vertical and horizontal, passing through the lens into your eye. For example, most sunglasses only allow 18% of light to pass through.

These are available in Brown, Grey or Green, and all provide full UV protection up to 400nm.

What’s a Polarised lens?

A Polaroid is a more advanced sunglass lens. They only filter out the problematic horizontal light rays and allow the vertical light to enter unhindered. The effect is to reduce the brightness and glare of light without reducing clarity of vision.  This makes them visually more superior than a standard tint.

Polaroid lenses are available in Brown, Grey or Green colour options and all offer full UV protection up to 400nm.

Can I try them out?

Yes! We have examples of polarised lenses in practice which you’re able to test on our demo box to really see the difference between a normal tint and a polarised lens.

You can get in touch with me here to arrange an appointment to try them out.