Achieving the best vision possible for your eyes involves more than just an accurate prescription. It’s about understanding your individual lifestyle requirements as well as how your prescription lenses are placed in your frames to optimise your viewing range. Accurate lens position minimises headaches, incorrect body posture and eye strain. To ensure consistent accuracy of your spectacles you always be seen by a qualified Dispensing Optician, who will initially talk you through your prescription, work, lifestyle and hobbies. From this they will recommend the best lens choice, materials and lens treatments to suit your visual requirements.

Lens fitting plays a key role in maximizing visual comfort. ZEISS RV Terminal is a digital centration device which allows us to capture your measurements along with those of your selected frame to ensure your lenses provide an optimised visual experience, whilst maintaining social distancing.

As an Independent practice was are able to supply lenses from a range of optical manufacturers, allowing us to offer the best lens options for each patient.

ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses

The everyday pair of glasses for driving.

Being able to see well is a prerequisite for safe driving because on the road our eyes are working overtime: constantly shifting focus between the street, the GPS and the rearview and wing mirrors. Inclement weather or adverse light conditions often make it difficult to see.

ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses – available as single-vision and progressive lenses – minimise this visual stress when driving and make it easier for drivers to see, enabling you to arrive at your destination safely and stress-free.


To find out more about the huge variety of lenses we offer, please get in touch.