I never got on with varifocals before, but these are the best lenses I have had


This lovely lady came to us looking for the perfect varifocal solution. She said

“I have had varifocal glasses before from a high street chain . I never got on with them because of the edges that were out of focus”. We sat down and discussed at length the different varifocal options available and which would suit her needs and lifestyle the best. With the previous difficulties in mind we opted for our Individual varifocal so they could be tailored exactly to suit her vision.

On collection she said “I have to say they are the best lenses I have had. I no longer have any issues with my lenses making me feel unsteady as though I’m at sea, and the reading in them is fantastic! I’m very happy with the glasses but also with the service . It is unhurried, you took as long as it needed to make sure I would be happy with my purchase, thank you”.

After years of struggling with driving at night I decided to try Zeiss Drivesafe lenses. They are great!


This gentleman came to us for a routine eye test. After the test we chatted over a cup of coffee about his increasing discomfort with night driving. After a bit more discussion we decided that the best solution would be a Zeiss DriveSafe Varifocal. After a couple of weeks of wearing them he said:

“After years of struggling with headlight and streetlight glare when driving in the evening and at night I decided to try Zeiss Drivesafe lenses. They are great! They cut down on the glare problem taking the strain out of night driving. They also have a wide field of vision that means I don't have to keep turning my head (I have varifocals). The instrument panel is pin sharp, again without having to constantly move my head.
With Alex's help I definitely made the right choice with these lenses.”

I wouldn't go anywhere else now


Another of our lovely patients who has been visiting us since we opened in 2018. She first visited us when struggling to find the lenses she wanted due to a complex prescription, but we managed to sort her spectacles no problem at all! After her most recent visit she sent us this message:

“I have been so pleased with the service, quality, value for money and have been back for my spectacles for the second time and feel really pleased with them. Alex has so much knowledge and expertise taking care of my needs through a cataract operation too. Pending a second one I'll be returning once all done. I wouldn't go anywhere else now”.

Google Reviews

Martin SavidgeMartin Savidge
12:20 21 Dec 22
After managing to ruin my glasses this morning, I found P W Optics on Google and thought, given I had always used the bigger companies and been disappointed, I would give them a try. The risk certainly paid off. Fantastic service and great advice with a friendly, professional service. Great to find somewhere that understands their customers and offers good old customer service. Outstanding 😀Update ... I collected my new glasses today and they are by far the best lenses I've had so far.Thank you for your epic service.
21:05 08 Dec 22
I'm pleased I found PW Optics, I would highly recommended them. Great having the lab on site as well.... all your eyecare needs under one roof. I'll definitely be using their services in the future.It was a great customer experience, something hard to come by nowadays, so thank you once again.
Claire PowellClaire Powell
08:43 08 Oct 22
Had my new glasses now for just over 2 weeks. The staff are lovely extremely and helpful. A big thanks to all, I will definitely use them again. Would highly recommend.
Jane TriggJane Trigg
07:19 13 Apr 22
Just had my 4th pair of glasses from PW Optics. Fantastic service and choice as always. The optometrist was lovely and extremely good. Great choice of frames. Alex and Kieran really good, helping me choose the right ones for me. Perfect fit. I highly recommend.
Jatinder SandhuJatinder Sandhu
17:30 29 Mar 22
Fantastic service. Very friendly and helpful. A great range of quality frames at affordable prices. Thoroughly recommened.
Gail SoftleyGail Softley
18:17 27 Mar 22
Alex and Cieron provide a fabulous service, accommodating customers from all age ranges and budget. I am so pleased with my new custom made varifocal glasses. Made to my specific requirements and totally within my budget. Well done both of you. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.
ruth parryruth parry
16:58 03 Mar 22
I needed some glasses re-lensed so I took them into PWs.So very helpful and friendly. And an excellent service was provided.I’m very pleased with the quality and time it took for the work to be done.
Avron NarayanAvron Narayan
11:32 12 Mar 21
Alex and Haroop are absolutely fantastic at what they do! I am very pleased by the service they provided, from the eye test to delivering my new lenses very promptly - excellent, honest and friendly! Highly recommend 10/10.

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