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What is an Astigmatism?

An astigmatism is where the cornea has different curvatures across its surface. This causes light entering the eye to split and focus at different points.


When you have an Astigmatism you’ll find there is a haze or blurriness when looking in the distance. This is the result of multiple focal points being created within the eye.


Are there any treatments?

An Astigmatism can be corrected with either glasses or contact lenses. By introducing an additional curve into the spectacle lens it will counter act the curves of the cornea bring the light to focus back into a single point.
It is corrected with two parts of your prescription: the CYL is the power needed to off-set the corneal curve while the AXIS indicates the direction the curve follows.


Is it common to have an Astigmatism?

Absolutely! It is quite a common condition with most people needing correction of some amount. Natural changes that occur in the eye with aging can make it more prevalent later in life.


Is an Astigmatism something I need to worry about?

Not at all! An Astigmatism can cause reduced clarity of vision but isn’t something that should cause any long term concern.


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