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Zeiss UVProtect Technology


Introducing ZEISS UVProtect Technology.

Many of us are aware that harmful UV light can damage our eyes, but unfortunately, we rarely take adequate measures to protect our eye health and our vision. UV protection is not only necessary on sunny summer days. Harmful UV radiation is always present, every day, all year round, on sunny and cloudy days and it can cause serious damage to the eyes and the surrounding skin. Protecting your eyes from harmful UV light is essential for healthy vision. With the launch of UVProtect Technology, ZEISS are raising their standards for eye health care; providing full UV protection in all clear, plastic ZEISS lenses – all day, every day.1

Why is protecting our eyes from UV so important?

The UV spectrum is divided into UVA, UVB and UVC radiation. UVC radiation does not penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere, but UVA and UVB rays do reach us. This radiation is important for our well-being, it helps our bodies produce vitamin D, however, it can also tan and damage our skin and eyes. The UV radiation range between 380 and 400 nanometers is the most energetic and harmful part of the spectrum, and it accounts for about 40 percent of the solar UV radiation that reaches the Earth’s surface. This long-wave UV radiation penetrates deeper into the tissue and can cause damage. Over time, constant exposure can cause various forms of eye diseases and accelerate the ageing of the skin around our eyes. In fact, UV exposure is major factor in the development of photokeratitis and cataracts.

Sunglass-level protection in all clear, plastic ZEISS lenses.

Many clear lenses currently available in the market don’t protect against UV damage.2
With UVProtect Technology, ZEISS are pushing the boundaries of the optical profession, by providing sunglass-level protection in all clear, plastic ZEISS lenses. Just as suntan lotion can protect the skin against signs of ageing caused by UV radiation, ZEISS lenses with UVProtect Technology now offer sunglass-level protection in a clear, plastic lens. This means you can rely on improved protection for the eye and surrounding skin all year round, even on cloudy days.

1 Full UV protection on all ZEISS clear, plastic lenses, UVProtect Technology will be available in ZEISS bifocal lenses in April 2019.
2 Almost two thirds of daylight UV radiation lies in wavelengths not fully blocked by the most common clear spectacle lens material, ZEISS White Paper. Approximately 50% of lenses sold worldwide are 1.5 index with an approximate maximum cut-off of 355nm. World lens and frame demand study 2016, SWV Strategy with Vision.

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